Ultra-thin fully cured prepreg skin material made out of IM and HM carbon fibres. A variety of thicknesses, orientations and sizes can be offered. The used IM fibre is Toray’s T800 which is up to 50% stronger and 25% stiffer compared to the standard carbon used in many fabrics.

The basic product is made out of 2 layers of 18 gsm prepreg IM UD tape, adding up to a total carbon weight of 36 gsm. The cured skins, including resin weigh approx. 56 grams per square meter. This results in a thickness of less than 20 μm! The standard fibre orientations of this material are [+45, -45] and [0, 90] but custom fibre angles are also possible of course. Compared to other available materials, this product has a very high uniformity which makes the skin complete closed. Furthermore, because we use UD tapes, the fibres run extremely straight, further increasing the stiffness of the skins. Compared to standard (spread-tow) woven fabrics, the crimp is reduced to zero! The fibre angles are absolutely accurate and it will be very hard to distort the material.

The second standard product is made out of 4 layers of this versatile prepreg material. The fibre orientation is [+45 -45 -45 +45]. The laminate is completely symmetric and balanced improving both the bending and impact strength of the material in for example a wing. The total carbon weight is 72 gsm and the weight of a cured skin is around 112 grams per square meter.

The third product we are able to offer is a special skin using an HM fibre. The used fibre is Toray’s M46J, which is almost 50% stiffer than the T800 fibre. The raw prepreg material we use for this skin is much thicker (33 gsm) therefor 2 layers will be sufficient in most applications. The HM skin will therefore have 66 gsm of carbon and has a cured weight of roughly 104 grams per square meter. Using this material in your wings will offer a huge potential in terms of torsional stiffness, but please keep in mind the brittle nature of HM materials. This material is not suggested when you have limited experience in composite construction.

Concluding, the skins are fully cured, so you only have to apply glue or epoxy resin to adhere them to your wing cores. Cutting the material to the right size is very easy with a pair of scissors. Composite wing production has never been easier! Furthermore, we can offer the material to the required dimensions needed for your project, contact us for more info.

All skins will come with one smooth side and one textured side which can be used for better bonding with your core or for altering the properties of your boundary layer when used as covering for a wing.

Of course the ThinSkin we offer has many more possible applications in composite construction. We invite everyone interested to discuss with us our creative solutions to your technical queries.

The prices can be found on our website. Please send us a message when you want to know more about this product, want to order or want to have a custom solution. 

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